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American Mahjong

How to Make Special Hands in American Mahjong

Mahjong game has known in the meanwhile a lot of versions that people play across the world, but one alternative that has become very popular across USA is American Mahjong. Many players gather together in playing this game since this is by far one of the most exciting and challenging four-players game that Americans play in their leisure moments.

So, in case you are looking to get entertained while being with your family and friends, then you will obtain all these with the American Mahjong game. This version is known to have been introduced in the Western countries almost 100 years ago, bringing some changes to the original version.

This ancient game creates quite an excitement around the playing board when players can build their own strategies and obtain winning hands with more chances then the ones who haven't developed their strategies in the meanwhile. It goes without saying that a game, where a good percentage of luck is involved as well, needs to have its own strategies that help players win. Learning how to play Mahjong as a beginner will involuntarily attract the need to build strategic moves in order to become a winner.

One feature that makes American Mahjong be different than the original version is the large number of special hands that you, as a player, can create. This feature comes with a new dimension of a game making it be more dynamic allowing the players build better strategies into winning. As a newcomer into the Mahjong world you might be overwhelmed by the number of special hands, but you shouldn't be that concerned. While playing you are given the opportunity to get a reference card through which you will have the various special hands detailed to help you understand better.

You will find out that these hands are designed in all sorts of exotic names and colors. Let's take for instance "Christmas" that can be made when the player has a pair of white dragons, they can make also a Pung from a number of 5 tiles that are in the same suit. One other Pung can be also made when the player has a number of 2 tiles, or green dragons and red dragons. All these Pung-s are visually associated with the colors of Christmas - white, green and red.

Some other special hands (for instance Christmas tree) are meant to be played when they are exposed. Other hands can be concealed, exception being the winning tile, all these being a plus into the need of building one player's strategy. With every year, around April month, a new card is generally released in order to make this game be exciting and fresh at the same time.

Another interesting aspect of American Mahjong is the usage of the Joker Tile