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Bluffing In Mahjong

One Strategy to Use when Playing Mahjong - Bluffing

Playing Mahjong can enable you to build various strategies. Some of them can be developed when you play for practicing the game in order to gain more experience, while others can be developed by the time you reach to play against different opponents. On these types of occasions you will be given with the opportunity of figuring out how other players perform and what are their own strategies as well. You can therefore make use of your own and also develop new ones in order to gain more points over your opponent.

Bluffing is a strategy that many players make use of when playing Mahjong. This type of strategy can be used regardless of the venue where this game is played. Mahjong bluffing can be also utilized when playing online. This strategy is built around the way you handle your tiles and how you work them in order to make you win some points.

Let's see how bluffing strategy can be resorted to: