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Joker Tile

The Joker Tile in American Mahjong

It is very important to practice more when you want to get involved in Mahjong competitions that are available also online in the form of games tournaments. There are many factors that will help you learn properly the original version of this game and also the American one which seems to increase the more in popularity among the range of Mahjong game passionate players. One thing that you need to better understand is, knowing when a Joker tile should be used. This knowledge is relevant because it can become critical at a certain point of the game playing.

It has become quite a common knowledge that Joker is a unique feature present within the American Mahjong games. It has been documented as well that the use of Joker has originated in USA. This makes it another reason for the players to enjoy playing and get challenged with American Mahjong game. Once incorporating a Joker into the rules of this American version of the game, it has brought another perspective over the strategies that can be developed with playing this game.

Let's see more of these rules that determine Mahjong be seen from another perspective:

Once these rules are apprehended, you should bear in mind at all times when playing American Mahjong, that there are only 8 pieces of Jokers within the American mahjong set. Knowing this information from the start will help you better develop the strategic moves while playing. This is the next thing to do, after learning the rules: building a strategy which will make the gaming a more exciting experience.

To many of the newcomers, this version might seem a little bit intimidating at the beginning. All those who have started for long time to play American Mahjong can confirm the fact that all the beginners will have the chance to get deeper into liking the game. Pretty soon Mahjong has all the chances to become by far the most commonly played social game across USA.