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West Tile Strategy

Using Mahjong West Tile Strategy

Mahjong game has become one of the most popular games worldwide with people gathering around the playing board and having a great time. It is a very exciting playing experience that allows players building strategies that help them have winning hands.

As such, there are some tiles that should be used within the gaming that can help you build strategies and have more chances to win, especially when that percentage of luck manifests also while playing. One strategy that counts among the most interesting ones in playing Mahjong incorporates the West tile. It is important to grant this piece all your attention when playing and building specific strategies to help you win.

Your attention should be as well focused on the West tile when another player discards it. First of all make sure that you count the winds that you have in your stash when you consider this tile. In case you are in the possession of a West Mahjong piece and two other wind tiles, you should consider getting hold of them even if these two are in duplicated format. It can be of a great help especially if the tile that you have is with other tiles that stands for other winds. Thus you will have an advantage on all the winds included in a game along with West game piece.

With this on your side you can get a second thought on the dominant wind that exists into the game. One West Mahjong tile is better handled when the dominant wind tile is not the West wind tile. This conclusion is the result of how West tile is more valuable when the main tile is the West wind. Make sure that by the time you want to handle the tile, you check on this aspect as well.

As mentioned above, many Mahjong players build helpful strategies, but they can also make use of the tradition whenever they develop these strategies. One traditional feature goes for dropping a West tile in case a tile belonging to the opponent before you is also dropped. Nevertheless, in case the last 3 players have dropped the tile, then one player can not do the same. There is an old superstition going around this action: that bad luck is there if each player drops the Mahjong West tile they have.

Keep in mind to concentrate on the way of handling a West tile that you might have when playing and drawing the strategy within a game. It goes valid not only for the sake of your strategy but also to take into account the game's tradition. You must be aware that the use of this West tile belongs to a strategic move and thus being utilized in the best manner.